Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness

About every fifth woman suffers from a dry vagina. During or after the menopause even every second woman is affected.

Premeno® duo vaginal suppositories restore moisture to the vagina and help quickly.

Women who do not take hormones during the menopause can effectively counteract the changes in the vaginal skin during this phase of life with Premeno® duo Vaginal Suppositories.

Vegetable additives such as tea tree oil or aloe vera have been deliberately avoided in the vagina because of their never investigated effect.


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  1. Premeno Hydrating Ovules

    Regulates moisture balance & promotes wound healing.


    With hyaluron and lactic acid.

    Inhibits the growth of Candida.

    One ovule every 3 days promotes hydration.

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